Does your HOA forbid sheds higher than walls?

Kurt Shafer here, an inventor in Temecula, California. I got an inquiry from a neighbor in January 2020 asking for a bid to install a shed between his home and a 5 foot high block wall about 9 feet away. The area is 13 feet long so he wanted an 8 by 12 shed with a 7 foot high roof.

He asked the Home Owner’s Association for permission to raise his block wall. He did so. In June he was denied permission. I said I can make a shed with a roof that will hide below the wall and will pop up when he goes in. He said “wow! great idea!”. I now am building that shed.

I found a powerful motorized lifting rod that operates on 12 volts DC and pushes or pulls 225 pounds. The roof only weighs about 40 pounds. I put the lift at each corner of the shed.

If you live in a community governed by an HOA that will not let you put in a tall shed and will not let you add height to the walls this is perfect for you. I just got an order for a shed 4 by 8 feet and I am building that now (November, 2020).

Let me know, please, what size you might want. My designs are all in 4 foot by 4 foot increments. You can email me at